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The Flash Season 3 Review

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The Flash is a popular TV show which airs on The CW. Grant Gustin stars as the Flash and will do anything to protect the ones he loves. Season 3 has finished, and Season 4 is on its way.

The Flash Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger where Barry Allen travels back in time to save his mother from dying. Season 3 picks up on the current day, but in a timeline where Barry's mother is still alive and created Flashpoint. In this timeline, there are familiar faces from the 'normal' timeline. Cisco Ramon, Wally West, Iris West, Caitlin Snow and others appear in this alternate timeline, with no clue who Barry Allen truly is. Over time, we learn that Wally West is Kid Flash, Central City's speedster hero. As Barry settles into his new timeline, he learns that if he stays in this timeline long enough, he will forget about the timeline which he is from. Barry finally decides to go back in time, and stop him from saving his mother, and let the Reverse Flash kill Barry's mother. When he goes back to the present day, Barry realises that everything is not the same as when he left. As Barry tries to fix everything he messed up, Savitar, the God of Speed arrives and vows to destroy Barry Allen's love of his live, Iris West. Season 3 shows the journey of Team Flash saving one which they all love.

The first half dozen episodes of Season 3 weren't very exciting. Anyone who has read the Flashpoint Comics knew what they were up for in Season 3. A lot of people including me were very disappointed that Barry stayed in Flashpoint for only one episode. Although it was cool to see how changing the timeline a bit can have drastic measures in the future, there was only one episode which took place in Flashpoint. As Barry was adjusting back to his normal timeline, he had to live with a lot of differences that had effects on not just Team Flash, but Team Arrow as well. The change in the timeline introduced two new villains: Doctor Alchemy and Savitar. Alchemy wasn't much of a villain, but more of a servant of Savitar who didn't have control over himself.

I love the addition of Harrison Wells from Earth-2 in Season 2, and he came back to help Team Flash briefly in the beginning of Season 3. It has now become tradition, that Team Flash must have a version of Harrison Wells. H.R, a Harrison Wells from another Earth was one of the best parts about the season. H.R brought warmth, closeness, and advice to the team. This version of Wells is challenged throughout the season, as he tries to find his place on the team. It becomes clear to the rest of Team Flash, that H.R isn't very smart compared to other Harrison Wells. H.R is very creative and helps Team Flash come up with solutions but he can't help much when it comes to the science of it.

Savitar was an unusual villain. in an attempt to stop Savitar, future Barry made time remnants of himself to try stop Savitar. Savitar killed all of the time remnants but one, who was rejected by team flash and that time remnant was so broken, he became Savitar. to make sure Barry turns into Savitar, Savitar attempted to kill the love of his live, iris, so Barry would be so broken he would turn into Savitar. in my opinion, this seemed a bit far fetched. it seems unbelievable that a time remnant of Barry Allen would want to kill the love of his live, just so he can be born. Barry has never showed a selfish quality about him, so i was genuinely shocked
to hear Savitars reasoning.

Caitlin Snow's meta-human side, Killer Frost showed up briefly through the middle of the season and became a threat towards the end of the season when she fully embraced her dark side. This added a lot of emotion for Team Flash, as they couldn't harm Killer Frost because of their long history together as friends. It also proved to be a challenge to Julian Albert, a CSI meta-human specialist who was revealed to be Doctor Alchemy but against his will. He decides to join Team Flash with his knowledge of meta-humans and more specifically, Savitar. Julian proves to be a great asset to the team and grows a close relationship with Caitlin Snow. The last few episodes of the season showed Killer Frost as a partner to Savitar, but deep down was the human side of Killer Frost.

season 3 ended with so many questions which fans needed to be answered. the philosophers stone was an untouched subject, which needed more of a backstory. In the season finale, we saw the black flash be vaporised. are we going to be seeing any more of the black flash? in the comics, Barry Allen turns into the black flash. will we be seeing Barry as the next black flash?

Wally West was a very good addition to the TV show, because not only is he Kid Flash in the show and comics, he later becomes The Flash in the comics. I was expecting more character development from Wally so he could become a main character. Wally has a lot of potential, and the producers were holding him back. Hopefully, we see Wally grow more in Season 4. The finale of the show was a disappointment. It's not that I didn't enjoy the episode, it's just that there was a lot of filler in the final episode of the season.

It took so long to get to the final fight scene, and it wasn't even that long. Jay Garrick made a return to help Team Flash defeat Savitar before Savitar becomes invincible. The team up between the 3 speedsters was my favourite part of the episode. Maybe we will see more team ups with Jay Garrick. That is definitely something to look forward to.

The show had a slow start, coming back into the rhythm of it. The episodes weren't bad, but as a story line, there were too many filler episodes that made me less excited for the next episode to come out. The final episodes made up for the season, which gave it a lead in for next season.

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About this page

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Welcome to my small corner of the internet! This blog is intended for a place to talk about TV shows and movies, and if all goes according to plan much more. Some movies and TV shows I will be talking about include The Flash, Arrow, and hopefully, the list will go on.

Who am I?
Me? I am just a kid who loves watching TV shows and movies, and with a bit of spare time writes about it. Previously I have posted a lot on Reddit about TV shows that I keep up to date with. I found this to be very enjoyable and thought it was a good idea to explore this part of the internet further, to improve my writing skills and to see what others feel about their experience with movies.

When are you going to post?
Generally, I have a lot of spare time. So to begin with, I think at least one post per fortnight is an acceptable goal. I think I will easily be able to reach one post per week, but it depends on my life schedule and when I want to talk about shows and movies. When my favourite TV shows come back, I would like to post once a week, talking about all the shows I like.

Hopefully, you stay around and give me feedback so I can improve this blog to its full potential. If you need to contact me, email at